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All treatments need to be booked in advance:
paperwork must be completed, along with patch sensitivity tests.


The first stage to any treatment is a consultation this can be done before or on initial appointment, providing the patch test and paperwork has been completed. All prices quoted will include all parts of the treatment.

During the appointment Donna will evaluate and assess your brows and advice the best shape and style to flatter and frame your face, ultimately the decision of style lies with the client as very natural or more pronounced brows may be desired.

At this point we will discuss colour the pigments used are of pharmaceutical grade and have the highest quality, they are Karen Betts KB Pro pigments and arguably the best in the industry! Once the colour is selected we can create the shape.

Measurements are taken and brows are penciled on, Donna always listens and works with her clients ensuring the client is 100% happy before any tattooing commences. The drawing of the template can be tweaked many times if necessary. Once the client is happy with the new shape of the brows tattooing can begin.


Using a Nouveau Contour specialist facial digital machine, pigment is implanted superficially under the skin. It is a much lower frequency machine than a standard tattoo machine and the needles used are very fine. Topical cream can be applied to numb the area before the treatment and although a scratchy, tingly sensation will be felt, the treatment itself should not be painful.

The process takes approx. 2/3 hours from start to finish dependent on the individual.

The colour will be 40-50% darker immediately after the treatment and will soften over 3-4 days. Sometimes the colour will fade significantly and re-appear before the re-touch 4-6 weeks later when the skin has healed.

This is completely normal and exactly why re-touches are essential to complete the desired end result.

After care information and soothing balm is given and an appointment will be made for the re-touch. It is essential all advice be adhered to for maximum brow results.

What your brows appointment entails