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Donna ensures all her clients are completely aware of every
small detail before going through with the treatment



Q. Will my own brow hair be removed?

A. In order to create the best shape some tweezing will be required, However, I never remove what is inside of shape template created

Q. Should I arrive at appointment with brows penciled?

A. Yes you can arrive with brows how you would usually have them and bring pencil or powder colour you use for me to match but it is not essential

Q. Can I wax or tint brows before a treatment?

A. It is advised to wait at least 48 hours after a wax treatment and 7 days after a tint

Q. Do I need to shape my brows before appointment?

A. It is advisable to have brows shaped if you have extremely unshaped brows to avoid open pores during the treatment, but a small amount of shaping can be done before the treatment if necessary


Q. Will my eyes water and blink during an eye treatment?

A. Everyone is different and some eyes will water and want to blink more than others, with good stretching techniques a precise and beautiful treatment can still be achieve

Q. Will my eyes be sore and swollen after a treatment?

A. Yes the eyes will be slightly sore and may swell during a treatment but this usually settles within a few hours. A saline wash is performed to cool and cleanse the eyes after each treatment


Q. Can I bring my lipstick to colour match?

A. Yes. You can and I will do my best to match the colour

Q. Can a lip enhancement make my lips look bigger?

A. Clever lip contouring can give the illusion of fuller lips, which is especially welcomed with those with very thin lips. However, Cosmetic Tattooing does not create the same effect as lip filler. It is always best to have lip treatment first if you are thinking about lip filler unless the lips are extremely thin where I may advise filler first

Q. Will I get a cold sore from a lip treatment?

A. No, lip treatments do not cause cold sores, however, if you carry the virus or if it is lying dormant the procedure can arouse a cold sore. It is advised to see your local pharmacist for treatment a week prior to treatment and a week after to minimalise an outbreak

Q. Will my lips swell and look crusty?

A. Sometimes swelling will occur but usually diminishes after a few hour’s, I advise to wait for a treatment if any important social events are on your calendar. During the healing process lips can become dry so it is important to apply the after care balm. It is a normal healing process


Q. Will I look and feel sore after the treatment?

A. The skin can look red and inflamed after the treatment. Cooling masks can be purchased and are advised to wear up to 40 mins after a treatment. It is then very difficult to detect the meso facial. Certainly, the following day, you will see illuminated skin. There is minimal down time.

Q. Can the meso cause bruising?

A. Sometimes the facial can cause minimal bruising as we are working very close to tiny blood vessels. Arnica cream will help if this occurs and should fade within a week. Concealer is also very good from 24 hours as the bruising is very minimal.

Q. Is it very painful?

A. I advice a topical numbing cream and minimal discomfort is described.



Q. What does the treatment involve?

A. The treatment of all procedures involve in depth consultation to help you decide what result you are looking for. Skin tone, colour, features, image, lifestyle, selection of colours are all taken into account to perfectly match your requirements. The treatment itself involves gently implanting microscopic particles of pigment into the upper layer of skin

Q. Can I achieve natural results?

A. Absolutely, very fine needles and colour selection can imitate and enhance features as seen in the photo gallery

Q. Can anyone have Semi Permanent Make Up?

A. Most people will be suitable for Semi Permanent Cosmetics, a full medical background is checked prior to treatments and an assessment will be made. It is fairly uncommon as there are little contradictions to semi permanent make up. Treatment will not be carried out on pregnant or lactating women

Q. Is it painful?

A. All care is taken to ensure you are comfortable during your treatment. Numbing creams can be used and a small scratchy sensation is often described.

Q. How long will it last?

A. This is really down to the individual. Many factors can affect the lifespan of cosmetic tattooing, such as skin type, lifestyle, aftercare etc. All of this is covered in the consultation. On average the treatment can last between 12-5 years. Colour boosts are advised at 12 -15 months to maintain maximum results. Some people may require a 6-month colour boost


Q. Can I bring a family member or friend with me?

A. It is advised to come alone as we need to work together to achieve the desired result, it is a concentrated treatment and takes time

Q. Can I drink alcohol the night before?

A. It is advised to avoid alcohol the night before a treatment and to avoid caffine on the day as this can affect colour retention

Q. What if I get nervous?

A. It is fine to be a little nervous, but after the consultation it is more likely you will be excited

Q. Can I still have treatment if I have medical history?

A. A medical history will be discussed during consultation to avoid any contradictions of a treatment


Q. Can I return to work after the treatment?

A. Yes you can. I advice a cooling mask for 40 mins and no further constrictions are needed.

Q. n I wear make up after?

A. I advice against make up for at least 24 hours as the skin has been broken and there is a risk of infection if you apply make up.

Q. Can I go to the gym or swimming?

A. I would advice against any exercise for 24 hours so the skin can heal. Excessive sweating, chlorine, make up all risk infection.

Q. Can I drink alcohol after a treatment?

A. It is very important to abstain from alcohol for 72 hours after a treatment and 48 hours before a treatment. The skin needs to soak the hyaluronic acid to hydrate and alcohol will dehydrate and can cause the skin to look dark and dull if drank within the constricted time.


Q. . Do I need a re –touch if I’m happy with the treatment?

A. All treatments need to be professionally assessed at 4-6 weeks to determine if a re –touch is needed. It is very rare to do just one treatment. Sometimes a 3rd re –touch is required! Contributing factors of this will be discussed during the consultation

Q. What if I miss my re – touch appointment?

A. If a re-touch is missed without sufficient cancellation the client will be asked to re –schedule and may possibly occur further charges as once a certain time frame reaches, the treatment has to be completely re-done!

Q. Will the appointment be as long?

A. The re- touch will be a shorter appointment if the skin has held good colour retention