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All treatments need to be booked in advance:
paperwork must be completed, along with patch sensitivity tests.

AHA Light Peels

Alpha Hydroxy Acid also known as chemical peels is derived from fruit and plant extracts offering skin exfoliation with anti-aging benefits, by penetrating the skin quickly and stimulating cell turnover. Removing the upper layers of dead skin reveals new, brighter, youthful skin. This is a treatment ideal for sun damage, sun spots, acne scars and for improved skin texture.

Skin is left plumper and vibrant with zero downtime.

This is a non- invasive treatment.

About The Consultation

An initial consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss any skin concerns.
Donna will assess the skin and available options for best results for your skin.

Please note. For best results it is sometimes advisable to have several peels a few weeks apart. Multiple treatments are usually necessary to achieve optimal results.

A glycolic acid face wash is recommended for purchase at consultation to be used for two weeks at home prior to appointment. This is great for priming and prepping the skin, gently exfoliating to unclog congested pores allows some resistance and a better outcome following the peel.


The procedure takes approx. 30 mins.
Donna will cleanse skin with soap free cleanser from the Neostrata peel range to remove any make up, cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin.

Vaseline is applied to sensitive areas such as the outer canthus (area by eye) nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines).

An Alpha Hydroxy is chosen (dependent on skin type) and applied to the skin. This can cause a slight stinging sensation. The product is left on the skin for a max of five minutes, this can be shortened if necessary, dependent on tolerance.
The product is then neutralised, and a cooling mask is applied. A deeply hydrating bionic cream is then applied aiding healing and skin firming.

The skin may be slightly red for a brief time; however, it is a treatment widely preferred to have during a lunch break!

Visible results can be seen immediately, improving over the course of a few weeks.